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Tag&Rename is a music files tag editor that easily handles all popular digital audio formats. No matter what music compressor you prefer, you can keep your music collection organized with Tag&Rename. It is the only tag editor and organizer which has full native support for: mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2.2, ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 tags), Windows Media wma, asf and wmv files, Apple iTunes aac (m4a) files including mp4, lossless m4a and protected m4p files, Ogg Vorbis, Flac, Opus, Speex (vorbis comments), MusePack mpc/mp+ (APEv1, APEv2 and ID3v1 tags), most popular lossless codecs including Monkey's Audio, Flac, Wav Pack, Optim Frog, True Audio, Apple lossless, Windows Media lossless, Wav, Aiff and DSF (Direct Stream Digital).

Tag&Rename include full Unicode support.

Tag&Rename supports many additional tag fields including lyrics, cover art, rating, mood, disc #, part of a compilation, album artist, classical music fields (Composer, Conductor, etc.), file related URL's and so on. With Tag&Rename, you can:

Tag&Rename supports many files and tags standards in an easy and intuitive way, so you can work with music metadata and not have to think about files codecs and tags versions - Tag&Rename does it all. This is a must have software for any mp3 or mp4 player owner.

Tag&Rename include full Windows 8/8.1 support

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Tag&Rename 3.9 beta 4

New in this version:

  • fixed bug in direct files renaming in files list when files located over network
  • minor fixes

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New in 3.9 beta 3 version:

  • added "Tags cover art resizing" options to program options -> Tags
  • added "Set This Image as a Folder Cover Art" button to "Folder cover art" panel (visible only when "Show first existing image in "Folder cover art" if folder.jpg does not exists" enabled and current image file is not a folder.jpg)
  • added "Save Discogs Catalog #" check box to web import Album Information window, so Discogs Catalog # can now saved to files tags
  • "Resize Files Cover Art" and "Resize Folders Cover Art" functions can be now added to toolbars via options -> Customize Toolbars and Shortcuts
  • Compilation column in files list now use graphics instead of "*" text
  • added "Don't add leading zero when autofilling track #" option to Tag&Rename options -> Advanced -> Misc
  • fixed minor bug in Amazon web import

New in 3.9 beta 2 version:

  • added "Always remove leading zero from disc # value when renaming files and folders" option to Tag&Rename options -> Advanced -> Misc
  • fixed bug in ID3v2 tag removing from mp3 files

New in 3.9 beta 1 version:

  • added Opus files support
  • added bit depth, cover art size, cover art dimensions, cover art format and tag version files list columns
  • added "Resize Files Cover Art" and "Resize Folders Cover Art" function to "Tools" menu
  • added "Delete folder cover art" button to "Folder cover art" panel
  • added "Set tag image as folder cover art" button to "File cover art" panel
  • added "Delete Folder Cover Art from All Selected Folders" function to "Tools" menu
  • added "Retry" button to tag saving error message, so it is now possible to retry tag saving if file is locked by other application
  • added Sampling Rate, Bit Depth and Encoder files and folders rename variables
  • added "Random Sort Order" option to main menu -> View
  • cover art search URL in Tag Editor and CDDB/Web Import now can be customized in program options -> Web Import -> Cover art search URL
  • added "EXTINF mask" option to Program Options -> Playlists
  • added Season Number and Episode Number to Copy/Swap Tag Fields functions
  • File Rename Strings options now also used in quick playlists and web imported covers saving
  • fixed bug in flac support when flac file is not reduced even with very big padding
  • minor fixes

New in 3.8.7 version:

  • added "Auto Fit File List Columns" function into main menu -> View
  • improved behaviour of the "Part of a compilation" and "Podcast" check boxes in multi files tag editor
  • fixed cover images loading from Discogs
  • fixed bug in saving windows position

New in 3.8.6 version:

  • added Czech translation
  • added support for DSD256
  • fixed bug in big wav files support
  • fixed bug in mp4 files support
  • minor fixes and improvements

New in 3.8.5 version:

  • now double click on folder and file cover image in main window open this image in system default application
  • added Italian translation
  • updated Estonian translation
  • fixed bug in File Rename Strings saving
  • improved mp4 support

New in 3.8.4 version:

  • added "Format "The Artist" to "Artist, The"" and "Format "Artist, The" to "The Artist"" functions in Tools -> Artist Field Tools
  • added "Exchange "Copyright" with "Album Artist" tag fields in tag editor" option in Advanced options
  • added support for TRACKTOTAL and DISCTOTAL tag frames in Vorbis Comments (ogg/flac) tags
  • added Subtitle support into "Swap/Copy Tag Fields" functions
  • improved Discogs authorization
  • fixed problem with network folders access
  • minor fixes

New in 3.8.3 version:

  • added Discogs OAuth authorization support
  • added Chinese Simplified and Polish interface translations
  • added "Clear Selected" button into Multi Files Tag Editor
  • fixed bug in freedb import, so freedb.musicbrainz.org servers data can be imported correctly
  • improved "Auto fill track #" function when numbering thousands of files
  • minor fixes

New in 3.8.2 version:

  • added French translation
  • mouse wheel support improved
  • in export function File Name added as a variable
  • fixed minor bug in Discogs import
  • minor fixes

New in 3.8.1 version:

  • fixed bug in second sort column files list sorting
  • fixed bug when rename actions short cuts was not saved
  • minor fixes

New in 3.8 version:

  • added Dutch interface translation
  • minor fixes

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Work in:

Windows 8/8.1
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP
Full 32/64 bit support

Supported formats:

mp3 - ID3v1.1 tags

mp3 - ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.2 tags

mp3 - all kind of ID3v2.4 tags (ANSI, Unicode and UT8 encoded tags fully supported)

mp3 - all kinds of vbr mp3's

Windows Media (wma, asf and wmv files)

Apple iTunes aac (m4a, m4p, m4b and m4r) and mp4 and aiff files

mpc, mp+, monkey’s audio, wav pack, optim frog, true audio - APE tags, APEv2 tags

ogg, flac, opus, speex - vorbis comment tags

wav - ID3v2.3 tag in 'id3 ' RIFF chunk and LIST INFO chunk

dsf (DSD/Direct-Stream Digital) - ID3v2.3 tag