AudioShell Development History


AudioShell v2.3.6 (06/06/2016):

  • fixed bug in ID3v2.4 Unicode tags support


AudioShell v2.3.5 (17/05/2016):

  • improved ID3v2 support
  • improved mp4 support
  • improved aiff support
  • added support for PCM float uncompressed wav files properties


AudioShell v2.3.4 (09/12/2015):

  • added support for Xtra atom in mp4 files (this atom used by Windows Explorer and Windows Media Player)
  • minor fixes


AudioShell v2.3.3 (19/07/2015):

  • fixed bug in mp4 files support on 64bit systems


AudioShell v2.3.2 (13/07/2015):

  • fixed bug in ID3v2 multiple cover arts in tag support
  • minor changes in WAV tagging
  • minor fixes


AudioShell v2.3.1 (21/03/2015):

  • fixed bug in ID3v2 tag removing from mp3 files


AudioShell v2.3 (20/03/2015):

  • added Opus files support
  • added "Retry" button to tag saving error message, so it is now possible to retry tag saving if file is locked by another application
  • fixed bug in flac support when flac file is not reduced even with very big padding
  • minor fixes


AudioShell v2.2 (10/02/2015):

  • added check for updates function
  • added support for DSD256
  • fixed bug in big wav files support
  • fixed bug in mp4 files support
  • minor fixes and improvements


AudioShell v2.1 (14/11/2014):

  • added support for TRACKTOTAL and DISCTOTAL tag frames in Vorbis Comments (ogg/flac) tags
  • fixed Comments column support in Windows Explorer


AudioShell v2.0 (29/10/2014):

  • added multi files tag editor
  • if file have only ID3v1 tag, AudioShell will show it data in tag editor window
  • now file renaming work for files with only ID3v1 tag
  • minor fixes


AudioShell v2.0 beta 2 (05/06/2014):

  • AudioShell now show ID3v1 tag information if mp3 file don't have ID3v2 tag
  • added support for .M4R files extension
  • improved mp4 support
  • improved wav support
  • improved dsf support
  • improved aiff support
  • minor improvements and fixes


AudioShell v2.0 beta 1 (14/11/2013):

  • added writing support to AudioShell properties handler - now tag fields can be edited directly in Windows Explorer
  • minor improvements


AudioShell v2.0 alpha 1 (07/11/2013):

  • fully rewritten version for Windows Vista/7/8/8.1 32 and 64 bit


AudioShell v1.3.5 (07/02/2007):

  • bugs fix release


AudioShell v1.3 (01/02/2007):

  • improved program installation
  • fixed bug when AudioShell write incorrect flags into APEv2 tag header and footer
  • fixes in ID3v2 tags reading
  • minor bugs fixed


AudioShell v1.3 beta 3 (06/11/2006):

  • added Spanish translation (thanks to HispanicoWeb Team, Polish translation (thanks to jam3)
  • added support for cover art in flac files (PICTURE METADATA BLOCK)
  • added support for cover art in ogg and speex files (base64 encoded)
  • added .m4v files extension support
  • fixed bug in m4a tags reading (not show "Blues" genre)


AudioShell v1.3 beta 2 (29/09/2006):

  • added Czech translation (thanks to Heavy)
  • added wav files support (MUSICMATCH Jukebox style - ID3v2 tag added to 'id3 ' wav chunk)
  • improved ID3v2.4 tags support (can correctly read any kind of 2.4 tags now)
  • Album Artist field in mp4 tag now compatible with iTunes 7


AudioShell v1.3 beta 1 (28/08/2006):

  • added Chinese Simplified (thanks to LordFox), French (thanks to Philippe Trouville), German (thanks to Harald Sturm) and Italian (thanks to Marco D'Amato) translations
  • redesigned music files properties tabs
  • added support for UTF8 encoded ID3v2.4 tags
  • many minor fixes and improvements


AudioShell v1.2 (10/04/2006):

  • AudioShell interface can be now translated to other languages
  • added support for cover art in APE tags
  • now AudioShell "Information" and "Tag Editor" tabs work in Windows 98 and Me
  • fixed bug in mp4 files support - old version can corrupt some mp4 video files while editing tags
  • a lot of minor improvements


AudioShell v1.1 (07/11/2005):

  • added support for ID3v1 tags (now AudioShell show ID3v1 tag info if file don't contain ID3v2 or APE tag)
  • improved tags reading/writing functions


AudioShell v1.0 (12/03/2005):

  • fixed bug when some cover art was showed transparent in AudioShell Info page
  • added support for Disc# field in ID3v2.2 tags


AudioShell v1.0 beta 1 (02/02/2005):

  • initial release